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Product Description In stock Item in Georgia Warehouse New Design Lantern shaped Aluminium Mosaic tiles and Marble Mosaic tiles for Wall NAME: Lantern shaped Mosaic tile, Aluminium and Marble Mosaic tile, New Design Mosaic tile, Mosaic wall tile Product Show Production part Packing Mosaic Tile...

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In stock Item in Georgia Warehouse 

New Design   Lantern shaped Aluminium Mosaic tiles and  Marble Mosaic tiles for Wall

NAME: Lantern shaped Mosaic tile, Aluminium  and  Marble Mosaic tile, New Design Mosaic tile, Mosaic wall tile

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Aluminium mix with Marble

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Sheet size:330*340 mm, Chip size:73*73 mm, Thickness: 8mm




Easy to install: Anti-dust, Washable, Acid-proof, Non-flammable, Discoloration, No radiation... Suitable for interior and exterior:Wall, Bathroom, Kitchen..etc.


11sheets/box, 1.234sqm/box, 11.30kg/box, 72boxes/pallet


Shipped in 25 days after payment


Inside the box, between every two pieces with PE foam, the sheets mounted with 

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Production part 




Mosaic Tile Character
1.Suitable for inside and outside walls and similar applications.
2.Can be applied as complete sheet or in small sections to decorate borders or trims with other tiled surface.
3.Resistant to fading, staining and discoloration, easy to clean and install.
4.Acid-resistant and Alkali-resistant, high and low temperature resistance. Waterproof and durable. No radiation.
5.Available in different size, color and design



Metal Tile Backsplashes ( stainless steel tile )


Get info and ideas for Metal Tile Backsplashes ( stainless steel tile ), and prepare to set up a durable and visually striking backsplash in your home.


When it's time to take into account a fresh backsplash for your kitchen, you should think about all available material options, but metal tile kitchen backsplashes may offer the best mixture of durability, longevity and attractiveness.


Available in a wide range of materials, styles, colors and budget ranges, Metal Tile Backsplashes ( stainless steel tile ) can add tremendous visible interest to any kitchen design while also offering a highly durable and low-maintenance backsplash surface.Kitchen Backsplash.


At the outset of your metal tile backsplash project, you'll want to determine the range of the task. To estimate the quantity of metal tile material you will need, measure the rectangular footage of the region in your kitchen you want to cover with the backsplash. Determining how much tile you'll need will provide you with a very good sign of the entire budget, so it is an important first step. Before calculating the square footage, you'll need to decide if you want a backsplash that covers the entirety of the surfaces between your counters and cabinets or counters and roof, or simply a part thereof. The style that's right for you may be a more understated backsplash that only covers enough of the walls to avoid cooking and cleaning spatter, or it could be a grand affair that dramatically stretches from countertops to ceiling. Once you have decided on the amount of coverage, mark the area off and measure the square footage..Kitchen Backsplash.


Now that the quantity of material you'll need has been determined, it is time to consider the sort. There are several popular types of metal backsplash tile, and one of the most commonly used nowadays is stainless. A common feature of modern home appliances, stainless steel offers a shiny and easy-to-maintain surface as well as great durability-and it's even available in an array of colors and textures, including sparkly or matte finishes..Kitchen Backsplash.


Tin is another common metal backsplash tile choice. Punched or hammered-or boasting ornate designs-it can add tremendous appeal and visible interest to a kitchen design. Similarly, copper and brass can liven up any kitchen with their unique hues and the added advantage of an "changing" design; as these metals age, their surfaces will often take on distinct patterns, striations and natural designs that add great style..Kitchen Backsplash.


When you've chosen the tile materials you are going to use for your backsplash, as well as the style, it's time to source the materials from your neighborhood do-it-yourself or tile niche store (or their respective online components), and then think about installation. You can choose to install the backsplash yourself if you are particularly handy, but note that metal backsplashes will demand more experience than other, more easily cut and configured materials. Alternatively, you can hire a professional contractor to install the backsplash for you..Kitchen Backsplash.



Metal Tile Backsplashes ( stainless steel tile )


Discover how a metal tile kitchen backsplash can provide a stylish, functional addition to your cooking space.

Cool and refined, a metal tile backsplash can be a gorgeous addition to a kitchen area. Ranging in styles from embossed tin tiles to squares of smooth stainless these backsplashes offer an easy-to-clean surface while still increasing the overall look of a kitchen.

One option for a metal tile backsplash is tiles shaped like bricks and positioned in a geometric design to mimic the design of traditional bricks. These metal tiles provide a simple design that complements a contemporary kitchen area. Other available choices include reclaimed tin roof tiles that are repurposed to provide as a backsplash..Kitchen Backsplash.


Another interesting option for Metal Tile Backsplashes ( stainless steel tile ) is to make a fun mosaic pattern with an assortment of metal tiles in a variety of forms and colors. This sort of backsplash is a superb option for anyone who has a bit of an artistic side and enjoys a do-it-yourself task. Metal tiles which have been embossed with a decorative design, like leaves or plants, are also beautiful when these are interspersed amongst simple steel tiles..Kitchen Backsplash.


Perhaps, the best feature of any metal tile backsplash is that it will blend well with most wall colors and design themes, which range from a modern kitchen decked out in stainless steel appliances to a rustic space filled with an island made from reclaimed barn wood..Kitchen Backsplash.