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SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

The owners of this handsome Georgian country kitchen used to describe it Online Custom Cabinets as a room of two halves — everything was on different levels, meaning the main cooking zone felt separated from the dining area and also from the narrow space the owners had been using as a pantry. Jo Ashwin’s company, Hill Farm Furniture, was brought in to bring these disparate areas of the kitchen together and turn the spaces into one room. “Apart from that we were given free rein,” Ashwin says. “The owners wanted everything white — to match the rest of the house — as they planned to add color with accessories.” They also wanted to steer clear of any rustic clichés. “They didn’t want to go too twee,” Ashwin says, “and while the pine worktops keep the look fairly traditional, they wanted everything else to be quite simple.” "Kitchen at a Glance All the units are custom creations, designed and made by Ashwin’s dad, Mike Ashwin, and Online Custom Cabinets fitted by brother Chris Ashwin. The kitchen layout was led by the original architecture. The floor was leveled to better connect the different parts of the space, but a little corridor where the pantry was remains. This area is still used for food storage, as well as for feeding the owners’ two dogs. The large fridge-freezer (more on that shortly) is also here, tucked behind the column of books on the left. For balance, he added a cavity on the other side of the pantry arch to mirror the bookshelves, and turned it into a wine rack.Hill Farm Furniture LtdAshwin says she enjoyed designing a kitchen in a Georgian room like this, since the architecture allows more range than some other styles. “The high ceilings and grander Online Custom Cabinets features here work well with both contemporary and traditional styles, whereas in a low-ceilinged cottage kitchen, you just can’t go modern and remain true to the era,” she says.Hill Farm Furniture Ltd1The integrated fridge-freezer has been hidden behind handmade painted pine doors and a bookshelf strip on its left-hand side. Simplicity of design was key, Ashwin says, to combine a hint of traditional country style with the requirements of a contemporary kitchen. “And we never go too gadgety,” she adds. The range and range fan sit underneath the center of the ancient wooden beam that formed the original kitchen’s inglenook fireplace. “The extractor had to be one with a very small vent to fit into the space,” Ashwin says, “and this was pretty much the only one we could find. Luckily it looks nice, too.”Hill Farm Furniture Online Custom Cabinets Ltd2The old-fashioned double butler’s sink has a modern addition in the form of a Quooker boiling-water faucet. One end of the kitchen island doubles as a storage area for slotted knives. “The husband is a really keen cook,” Ashwin says, “and he has a collection of unbelievably sharp Japanese knives. Because they’re so sharp, we didn’t want them just to live in a drawer, so we designed this for him.”Hill Farm Furniture LtdThe kitchen doesn’t have much countertop space, so Hill Farm compensated by building a movable kitchen island to provide a main Online Custom Cabinets prep area. The teppan-yaki griddle is concealed neatly underneath a hollow chopping surface. The pendant lights in the background, hanging over the table in the dining area, are from the Nottingham Lighting Centre.Hill Farm Furniture LtdRather than extending into the kitchen, this cupboard was designed on an angle. “The hallway leads into the kitchen at this point, and the space simply wouldn’t flow well if we’d added a protruding square Online Custom Cabinets cupboard,” says Ashwin.Hill Farm Furniture LtdThe secret to a fantastic corner cupboard, Ashwin says, is to fit it with adjustable shelves. “It means there’s no wasted space,” she says. “People think corner cupboards won’t hold a lot, but adjustable shelving means they can hold the maximum.”"