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Top Kitchen Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

Besides having aesthetic value, backsplashes can also be a Top Kitchen Cabinets useful, easy-to-access storage area. Hanging frequently used items such as knives, utensils and cookware on wall space in front of you rather than hiding them behind cabinets saves time with food prep and also frees up precious counter space. Adding hanging bars, magnetic strips, shelving and even pot-filling faucets can help make the most of your kitchen backsplash. Here’s how. "While kitchen countertop sizes vary considerably, the length in most kitchens totals about 10 feet. Meanwhile, the average backsplash height is 18 inches (many reach much higher). DIY or hire a pro? If you are patient, are handy with a drill, have Top Kitchen Cabinets great attention to detail and have the right drill bit, you can likely do this work yourself. Otherwise consider hiring a handyperson or carpenter. If your pieces are to be anchored to a tile backsplash, a tile installer can often perform this work as well. Materials: Accessories can be anchored to drywall, plaster, wood, sheet metal, stone and tile (ceramic, porcelain or glass) backsplashes. For starters you’ll need a level, masking tape, a marker, plastic anchors, protective eyewear and a variable-speed drill with the appropriate drill bit. Depending on the Top Kitchen Cabinets weight of your installation, you may need a stud finder to locate studs for anchoring support. Glass backsplash considerations: The vast majority of glass sheet backsplashes are tempered prior to installation. Tempered glass is used for safety reasons; it breaks into tiny pieces versus large, dangerous shards. Unfortunately, tempered glass cannot be drilled. You’ll know your glass is tempered if you see Top Kitchen Cabinets the manufacturer’s mark in the corner indicating so. If this is the look you want, tricking out your backsplash is best left for a new glass backsplash project, when you can have the holes drilled into the glass before the glass is tempered. In this situation you’ll need to decide the exact size and locations of the holes for your backsplash accessories in advance.Clever Storage by KesseböhmerLinero Backsplash StorageLinear hanging systems: Horizontal hanging bars and magnets follow the form of your countertop and maximize hanging space. If you have cabinets above your backsplash, you’ll likely anchor a hanging accessory a few inches below the bottom of the cabinet so whatever you’re hanging is within the confines of the backsplash. Just make sure you keep Top Kitchen Cabinets any electrical outlets located on the backsplash clear and easily accessible. Also, before hanging knives on a magnetic holder, take into consideration young children or people with special needs in your home who may have challenges with grasping. Knives and spices are frequently hung from magnetic strips, such as in Ikea’s Grundtal series, as seen in the second image. If drilling into your tile isn’t appealing or if you have a sheet glass backsplash that you Top Kitchen Cabinets can’t drill into, don’t despair. The new Linero MosaiQ line (seen here) can either be screwed or glued to the wall. While you won’t create holes in your backsplash material by taking the glue route, the bond is exceedingly strong, so don’t plan to move it. The extruded aluminum rail has slits that accommodate aluminum hanging shelves. The shelves are either small and have hooks, as shown here, or they’re larger L-shaped shelves that Top Kitchen Cabinets hold more substantial accessories. You can also integrate LED lighting into the rail.Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.2Shelving: Shelving is probably the easiest and most common backsplash storage accessory. However, because most shelves have items resting on top of the surface rather than hanging downward, they’re typically installed on backsplash walls that don’t have upper cabinets. Substantial shelving like this would need to be anchored to wall studs or have appropriate blocking behind the wall surface to accommodate its alignment with the sink area.Home & Harmony5While backsplash accessories tend to be sleek and contemporary, this Top Kitchen Cabinets shelving design fits a more traditional kitchen. Resting against a wood beadboard backsplash, shelving supports like this need to be secured to wall studs.NOTION, LLC2Wine rack: Notion had wine-holder posts specially fabricated for this project. Designer Natalia Dragunova says a 1½-inch-thick backer panel created by a cabinetmaker was installed between the counter and the floating shelves above. The backer panel was anchored to the wall, securely screwed into the studs, and the screws were hidden behind the shelves and between the bottles. Pegs were then hammered into 1½-inch-deep holes predrilled on the backer panel. Adhesive on each peg coupled with holes of a slightly smaller diameter drilled in the panel ensured a tight fit for each peg. The final Top Kitchen Cabinets result is unique and fun.Madson Design5Pot-filling faucet: Not a storage item but rather a time- and back-saving accessory, pot-filler faucets are popular on backsplashes above stovetops because they eliminate multiple trips back and forth to the sink. Installation requires a plumber to install the lines and then a new backsplash (or you can modify an existing backsplash if you have enough leftover tile). To protect the wall from moisture, you need to have a hard-surface backsplash, such as tile or stone. On top of labor and Top Kitchen Cabinets materials for the plumber, the fixture itself can run between $275 and $1,350."