Cabinets for Kitchen

Cabinets for Kitchen

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

This kitchen serves as the true hub of this busy family’s home. “As soon as we touched the kitchen, everything else got involved,” says interior designer Cynthia Soda. The new modern-country style of the kitchen spread to the dining room, hallway, entrances, mudroom, staircase and family room. The owners’ love of the warmth of reclaimed wood was a strong influence on the design, while Soda laid things Cabinets for Kitchen out for the best possible functionality and views to the backyard. "“After” photos by Stephani Buchman Photography We don’t have a perfectly matched angle, but if you were to look through the lefthand opening in the previous photo, this is what you’d see today. BEFORE: This was the existing view from the family room into the kitchen. The new island is now located about where the breakfast bar was before. Soda Pop Design Inc.2The work area is at the far Cabinets for Kitchen end of the kitchen and includes the range and refrigerator. A dishwasher and garbage bin are hidden on either side of the sink. The island also helps to zone the kitchen and separate guests from the work area. “When you’re entertaining, everyone winds up in the kitchen, but you want them out of the way,” Soda says. So placing this beverage station on the other side of the island from the work zone means guests can prepare coffee or Cabinets for Kitchen grab a glass of wine while the cook preps on the other side of the island. The lack of pendant lights and chandeliers was a strategic decision. “Between his tall height, the higher cabinets and the low ceiling, we didn’t want to obstruct the views to the backyard,” Soda says. “Plus, less is more — there are enough textures going on in here and we didn’t want it to get out of hand.” Instead, she installed undercabinet lighting and strategically placed pot lights.Soda Pop Design Inc.“It was important to the homeowners to add warmth through the reclaimed wood,” Soda says. The reclaimed hemlock on the Cabinets for Kitchen countertop lends a sense of age and history to the new kitchen. Traditional black metal hardware and stools and Shaker-style cabinetry add country style. Soda also brought in warmth via a cultured stone backsplash. It has a color palette similar to the new brick veneer in the family room addition. On the right side of this photo you can catch a glimpse of the new mudroom off the front door.BEFORE: The previous kitchen is shown here in the lower center of the plan. The old dining room is in Cabinets for Kitchen the horizontal rectangle above it. The previous family room extended from the kitchen peninsula to the far left side of the plan. AFTER: Soda could see that the existing dining room would better serve as a family room, enhancing the connection to the backyard. BEFORE: This is the dining room in its old spot adjacent to the kitchen. Soda Pop Design Inc.4Soda saw that this was the perfect spot for the family room instead. Soda Pop Design Inc.2Part of the family room is an addition, which pushed the house further into the backyard. Enjoying the views of the beautiful Cabinets for Kitchen yard was a priority for the family. A new glass wall overlooks the pool. The brick veneer wall is new and extends over to the beverage station, helping to marry the kitchen and family room. So do the reclaimed-hemlock floors, which cover the entire first floor. BEFORE: Soda completely reconfigured the area where the dark leather furniture sat before. The kitchen peninsula is gone, there’s a new mudroom on the right, and she carved out room for a craft/homework Cabinets for Kitchen station for the twins to the left. This photo was taken from around the same spot as the previous one, standing in what is now the dining room. Soda created a new craft/homework area in between two walls flanked by hallways that lead to the kitchen. Sliding barn doors made of reclaimed hemlock can be pulled close to hide the craft/homework area when not in use. These doors were inspired by the country look of the kitchen. There are two stations for Cabinets for Kitchen the twins tucked in between the two hallways. Soda Pop Design Inc.1On the back side of the craft area is this reclaimed-wood wall, which has more gray tones in it. This wall is the first thing people see after entering through the front door and new mudroom.Soda Pop Design Inc.The dining room is now down at the other end of the two hallways from the kitchen. Since this room is used less than the family room, it was a smart Cabinets for Kitchen decision to move it. There’s still an easy flow between the dining room and kitchen, it’s just a slightly longer walk. This staircase area off the kitchen and family room was another part of the renovation. Soda opened it up and added the rustic structural post, wrought iron railing and built-in bench. The pantry is just Cabinets for Kitchen out of view to the left."