Custom Made Cupboards

Custom Made Cupboards

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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A galley kitchen consists of two parallel runs of cabinets forming a central corridor within which to work. The galley layout works well for all kitchen styles; it’s also the preferred Custom Made Cupboards design of many professional chefs, who love this layout because it enhances safety and efficiency during cooking. Just like the compact galley on ships, after which this layout is named, galley designs also optimize space by packing in an abundance of storage and countertop area, making them ideal for small kitchens. If you’re considering a galley layout or are revamping one you’ve inherited, here’s what you should know. "Assess your space. Though galley kitchens work best in small spaces, they can also be good for medium-size kitchens. However, be aware that if the opposing runs are set too far apart, the kitchen will lose its efficiency, Custom Made Cupboards becoming a hindrance rather than a help. (The kitchen pictured above gets it right.) Choose your preferred galley look: Symmetrical. When it comes to galley kitchens, people have two layout preferences. The first is relatively symmetrical, as pictured here. This usually means that the length of the runs and the arrangement of cabinets on each side will mirror each other as much as possible — or as much as you want.APT Renovation LimitedAsymmetrical. You can opt for an asymmetrical layout instead, Custom Made Cupboards using various approaches. For example, if you have an open-plan space, as pictured here, you can go for a mix of tall and upper cabinets along one side, with a run of only lower cabinets on the other. Or you can put tall cabinets or a bank of appliances on one side of the room, with lower and upper cabinets on the other side, as in the next image.Chris SnookPut tall cabinets on one wall. If you’re designing a galley kitchen like the one above, it’s preferable to go for a wall length of at least 12 feet so that the sink and cooktop Custom Made Cupboards can be placed far enough away from each other. For safety, these should be a minimum of a foot apart, but since this wouldn’t leave any working space, we always try to site them more than 3 feet apart. In this arrangement, a run of about 12 feet would allow sufficient sink capacity, with cupboards or drawers beneath the cooktop — occasionally adaptation is required for top drawers in this scenario — and it ensures that all major appliances fit. Break up the run. You may prefer an asymmetrical Custom Made Cupboards layout with full-length and lower cabinets along the same wall. For example, if a wall is just over 12 feet long, it’s likely to have three full-length cabinets at one end and three lower cabinets at the other. Typically, there would be upper cabinets, floating shelving or a window above the lower cabinets. Along the opposite Custom Made Cupboards side, you could have upper cabinets, shelving, a window or even a clear wall. This arrangement works really well if the kitchen is quite narrow, since without a tall bank of cabinets as you enter the kitchen, the space will feel more open.BarlisWedlick ArchitectsWork with a galley corridor. Depending on the layout of Custom Made Cupboards your home, galley kitchens may or may not be closed off at one end. If the far end leads to another room or the garden, the thoroughfare will get heavier traffic. Enhance a closed-off kitchen wall. A galley kitchen closed off at one end can be a safer layout, as there’s only one entrance, giving the cook greater awareness of others coming and going. But how to make good use of this wall space? Perhaps there’s a window here, in which case it’s important not to block your kitchen’s natural light source. Adding a stool would let you sit at the far end to write shopping Custom Made Cupboards lists or to sit while chatting on the phone. Create a galley with an island. I’ve mentioned that enclosed galley kitchens may not be the most sociable setting for the cook. So where space allows, a popular adaptation of the galley kitchen is the inclusion of a kitchen island. Make your galley sociable. Some homeowners want to add an island to a galley Custom Made Cupboards layout, yet intend to keep the additional work surface clear. This is often the case with bakers, who like to use the space for rolling out pastry. Add seating. Sometimes there’s space for a small peninsula or breakfast bar in a galley kitchen, providing additional storage as well as dining space. Here, the peninsula at the far end of the kitchen is fully clear of the cooking zone and has seating on the far side. (It also doubles as a butcher block.)If there’s space to add a table between the opposing runs of your galley kitchen, this can sometimes work. However, you need to be careful when planning the space because, if the table pushes your work surfaces too far Custom Made Cupboards apart, they’ll be much less efficient. Adding a small cart as an extra work surface may be an effective alternative, although in most cases, there’s sufficient counter space in a galley to eliminate the need for this — unless it’s a specialized addition like a butcher block.LWK Kitchens Custom Made Cupboards LondonEnhance a sense of space. When considering a galley kitchen layout, homeowners are eager to avoid a “corridor” effect, where the kitchen feels small and enclosed. But even in small spaces, this can be avoided. Tell us: Do you have a galley kitchen? If so, what do you love — or what would you change — about your layout? Share your thoughts in the Comments."