Discount Cupboards

Discount Cupboards

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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This Maryland mom loves to bake, but her existing kitchen barely allowed her Discount Cupboards to do so. “Baking is her way of relaxing, and she’s well-regarded in the neighborhood and kids’ school for her baked treats,” designer Kirsten Kaplan says. But it was hard to relax in the cramped and dark kitchen, much less roll out dough, store ingredients and equipment, and set up cooling racks. Plus, she and her husband wanted to work in the kitchen together but there just wasn’t enough room. A renovation gave them functionality, plenty of storage, a comfy eat-in area and a baker’s station that’s a dream come true. "Photos by Stacy Discount Cupboards Zarin Goldberg The problems. The existing kitchen was dark and had no real counter space. The dining room was being used for overflow kitchen items and kids’ toys. The counters were crammed with cooking supplies and small appliances, leaving the baker no room to roll out dough or place her cooling racks. The range was next to the doorway, which was dangerous. Must-haves. The baking peninsula is the heart of this kitchen. The countertops provide plenty of room for baking activities. And there’s room for the kids to work next to their mom on step stools. The designers created an alcove for the stand mixer. The pantry to the right is for ingredients, while deep drawers hold Discount Cupboards muffin tins, cookie sheets, cake pans, cooling racks and other supplies. Before. This photo of the dining room was taken from the same spot as the next photo. You can see that the coffee maker, baker’s rack and dog bowls had overflowed from the kitchen into here. Fortunately, Kaplan was very familiar with the space. Sink. Kaplan knew that the dining room window would provide a nice big view of the kids playing in the backyard for whoever was working at the sink. The window is dressed with a soft custom Roman valance. This configuration creates an easy work triangle between the fridge, range and sink. To the left of the sink is a Discount Cupboards panel-front dishwasher. Layout. It’s easy for Mom and Dad to work back-to-back in the kitchen. She bakes at the peninsula while he cooks at the range. Both have easy access to the refrigerator and sink. The main food pantry is to the right of the refrigerator and the garbage and recycling pullouts are across from it. The open shelves, beverage refrigerator and banquette, front left, are in their own zone. Floor plan. While the baking peninsula was a major part of the renovation, the couple wanted to Discount Cupboards make sure it wouldn’t be too specific for buyers should they ever decide to sell their home. So the area also functions well within a work triangle, and the counters are at standard height. Oven and microwave. There’s no photo of the oven and microwave, but this rendering shows you that they’re on the side of the baking station. The garbage and recycling pullouts are to the right of the oven.Haus Interior DesignHardware. The cook’s zone has white cabinetry and matte black hardware. A brushed brass faucet ties this side to the baking side. Banquette. The other end of the kitchen is zoned for eating. “Because the family wasn’t using the Discount Cupboards dining room for dining, we made room for a light-filled eat-in breakfast nook complete with a custom built-in banquette,” Kaplan says. This photo shows the view from the front door of the home — it was important to make it a pleasing one. An oversize pendant anchors the space, while Louis Ghost chairs allow a clear view of the custom table. Laundry room. Another part of the renovation was the laundry room, which doubles as the entry zone from the garage into the house. In order to connect the two spaces, the designers used a similar color palette but with a more utilitarian bent. The cabinets are the same style and color as the kitchen cabinets, minus the Discount Cupboards glazed finish. The floor brings in the grays seen on the banquette cushions. The hardware is in silvery metals to play off the stainless steel sink the homeowners wanted and the details on the appliances."