Low Cost Kitchen Units

Low Cost Kitchen Units

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

So you’ve decided to prep for cooking like a pro chef — you’ve opted for stainless steel countertops. Some may fear that stainless steel will make a kitchen look cold and sterile, but it’s Low Cost Kitchen Units all about the other materials you use. It’s a wonderful choice that works well with contemporary, modern, transitional, eclectic, industrial and even traditional kitchens. A big part of landing on the style you want is pairing these sleek and hardworking countertops with the right backsplash. Here are 10 of the best combinations we’ve seen around Houzz.Learn more about stainless steel counters "1. Colorful glass tile. “Because stainless steel is a very modern, clean and industrial material, it looks best with modern, clean, industrial materials like glass and ceramic,” interior designer Leslie Huntley says. This kitchen belongs to a young family Low Cost Kitchen Units who loves bright colors and cooking. 2. Gray limestone. The medium- and charcoal-gray tones pick up on the colors seen in the steel, but with a completely different finish. They also add warmer hues to the cool-toned counters. White rift-cut oak cabinets also help make this modern kitchen warm and welcoming.Tim Barber Ltd Architecture3. Matching stainless steel. Continuing the same backsplash gives the room a seamless look that is free of distractions. In this Low Cost Kitchen Units more traditional-style kitchen, it lets us concentrate on details like the millwork and that charming little ring-key hook next to the sink. Denise DeCoster ArchitectHere’s how the same idea applies to a contemporary kitchen. There’s a wonderful balance between the pear wood veneer of the cabinets and the sleek steel. Note also the way the long minimalist cabinet hardware, faucet and accessories accentuate the countertops. Another option for the coordinating stainless steel backsplash is extending it up the wall to the popular 4-inch height. Jamie Laubhan-Oliver4. Stainless mosaic tile. Houzzers, back in the early days of Low Cost Kitchen Units Houzz, we learned that a lot of you loved stainless counters when we saw the popularity of this kitchen take off. A small-scale stainless steel mosaic adds a dynamic glint here.Soorikian Architecture5. Calacatta marble slab. The wonderful large vein patterns on this material pick up on the silvery-gray tone of the steel while balancing it out with lots of elegant white and ivory.Nicholas Moriarty Interiors (NMI, LLC.)6. Brick or brick-colored tile. Stainless steel and brick go together like warehouses and Flashdance-ing. In this kitchen, Low Cost Kitchen Units the 2-inch by 4-inch size of the tiles and the fact that they are ceramic give the usual brick look a twist. 7. No backsplash. Stainless is a good choice for those who like a kitchen that feels minimalist, hygienic and like a professional commercial kitchen. So going with a seamless, groutless bright white wall works. Just be sure it goes along with how you cook in the kitchen — if you tend to cause splatters, don’t feel bad Low Cost Kitchen Units about it, but this is not the choice for you.Rikki Snyder8. White subway tile. Stainless steel and subway tiles tie vintage and modern together in this bright and tidy kitchen.Andrew CoxIn this enchanting New Zealand kitchen, the subway tile extends to the ceiling, and the stainless steel floating shelves extend high up the wall. This provides a wonderful balance between the two. 9. Recycled ceramic tiles. The lovely blue glaze of these handmade tiles is a wonderful foil for the sterile counters. Another clever move worth noting is Low Cost Kitchen Units that the backsplash is not interrupted by pesky outlets; they are tucked up underneath the cabinets instead. 10. Frosted glass mosaic tile. This pattern dances yet is subtle, due to its monochromatic color scheme. The shades of gray and white and the frosted finish are just the right transition between the stainless steel countertops and the white cabinetry. Note the way the tile is lit.Holland Rogers Company, LLCDo Low Cost Kitchen Units you have stainless steel countertops, or are you thinking about installing them? If so, please add to this list by telling us about your backsplash choice in the Comments section."