New Cupboards

New Cupboards

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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“Clients who live in historic houses tend to be really intense and New Cupboards passionate. They love everything that’s wrong and right with their homes,” says designer Heather Alton. “Working with them is challenging but also a lot of fun.” These homeowners absolutely love their 19th-century farmhouse in Hudson, New Hampshire, and embraced most of its quirks. However, the kitchen, which had undergone an unfortunate 1970s renovation, was not functional at all. Here’s how Alton gave them all the modern amenities and the layout they wanted while maintaining the integrity of the historic home. "Kitchen at a Glance Lighting accentuates whatever the couple chooses to display on the New Cupboards countertop and in the glass-front cabinets. BEFORE (this photo and next): A few of the quirks the couple was happy to let go were a chimney that hogged a lot of space and the awkward placement of the range opposite the home’s entrance. Keys, mail, bags and coats were hung from the mantel, because their was no drop zone. To keep the new kitchen uncluttered, Alton added an entry drop zone where the range used to be.Before PhotoNew England Design ElementsAFTER: Historically, farmhouses did not have matching cabinets throughout a kitchen; they had separate furniture pieces. Using different colors and hardware is a modern-day way to interpret the look. This piece over the island has special meaning to one of the homeowners. It New Cupboards was originally part of his great-grandfather’s workbench, and he wanted to use it in some way in the kitchen. Because of quirky layouts in historic homes, Alton says it can be difficult to work in the kinds of work triangles and zones that can be carefully orchestrated in new homes. Here a small island that serves as a prepping drop zone was key to making the space functional. Its smaller size is in keeping with the farmhouse look. The top is walnut butcher block. Another challenge presented by the quirkiness was a change in ceiling height from one end of the room to the other. Alton removed some bad faux beams that had been added during the 1970s New Cupboards renovation. Next she had to rearrange some of the original beams so they would make sense with the new layout. The original beams remain and are still structural, but are arranged in a way that makes more sense with the new layout. Soffits surrounding the beams provide space for the new recessed lights and contribute to a more cohesive ceiling composition.New England Design ElementsThe mantel range surround, in deep barn red, delineates the range area. Tiles made of recycled crushed glass add some sparkle, as do the mirrors and silver fish atop the mantel. “Because of the low ceilings, we couldn’t work in an arch or other designs for the range mantel New Cupboards in here,” Alton says. The mirrors help bounce the light around and make things seem more open. The cabinets on either side of the range are for spices and other cooking essentials that would otherwise clutter up the adjacent counters. The Via Lactea leathered granite countertops also sparkle, as do the glass knobs on the range cabinetry. Using cabinetry with different paint colors and hardware maintained a bit of charming farmhouse kitchen hodgepodge style in a sophisticated way. New England Design Elements“My clients also wanted New Cupboards to incorporate copper accents,” Alton says. The pendant lights over the sink were fashioned from copper plumbing fixtures, the faucets are copper, and the hardware is a coppery bronze. The handcrafted tile is multicolored and in a herringbone pattern.New England Design ElementsBefore PhotoBEFORE: There was just a small opening between the dining room and the kitchen.New England Design ElementsAFTER: Quibbles and Teddy hang out in a transitional area between the kitchen and the dining room that includes a long storage window seat. Now there is New Cupboards a wide opening connecting the two rooms, with stone columns of ashlar-cut stone marking the transition, along with a transom by Godek. The stone resembles the countertop stone, while the transom ties into the glass cabinet doors.New England Design ElementsNew England Design ElementsAlton created a little café area between the kitchen and the dining room, where the couple can enjoy a morning coffee or an afternoon tea. The door leads to a walk-in pantry. Here’s a plan to help you see how everything fits together; some of the wide-angle New Cupboards photos make the cozy kitchen look much larger than it is."