Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets

Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

"Photos by Seacoast Real Estate Photography Before: “I’ve seen so many of these 1980s Colonial homes that waste so Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets much space in the kitchen,” designer Heather Alton says. “There’s all this space around an eat-in area that isn’t being used properly and the island’s proportions are never right.” Style: Alton’s clients were a bit fearful about color and unsure about pattern, so part of her job was to help them open to the possibility and commit. “Sometimes I have to say to my clients, ‘Do you want a kitchen just like everyone else has or do you want to show off that you are confident with your own style?’ ” she says. In this case, they went for the oversize botanical wallpaper she’d found for the Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets wall behind the glass cabinets, and it completely makes the room. Color palette: Alton talked her clients out of going with the all-white approach. There are three shades of blue happening in the kitchen: navy on the china cabinet wall, icy gray-blue on the island and a true indigo on the sliding door to the basement. Island: By adding the china cabinet, Alton was able to size the island to Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets fit the kitchen’s proportions. “These homeowners cook a lot, they cook every day,” she says. “I love to keep the cutting boards handy for people like that. It doesn’t take up much space, either.” This side of the island contains a dishwasher, utensil drawers, pullout bins for trash and recycling, and that open slot for cutting boards. On the other side Alton was able to add cabinets for scads more storage. “My clients told me they can’t believe that they got so much storage that they actually Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets wound up with an empty cabinet,” she says. Before: The island’s proportions were off and it wasn’t as functional as it could have been. The hallway to the garage (left) had untapped potential as well.New England Design ElementsGlass cabinet doors: Alton talks with her clients about exactly what they’ll be keeping in glass-front cabinets when they go for that option. “It’s best to fill them with china and glassware. Nothing gets dusty when you fill them with the everyday stuff,” she says. Before: The hallway to the garage wasn’t living up to its potential. You might Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets have caught a peek of the new mudroom cabinets and bench in the previous photo; we’ll take a closer look in a moment.“Before” floor plan: Here you can see that sea of wasted space around the eat-in area of the original kitchen (top right). Also note that the living room was located just off this area and that the dining room was on the opposite side. Alton marked the walls she removed in pink for us to make the before-and-after layouts easier to understand.“After” floor plan: The first floor is much more open now, and flipping Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets the living room and dining room made sense. Also worth zooming in on is the hallway to the garage (middle of the left side of this plan). Alton was able to carve out as much function and storage here as possible, including the mudroom cabinets and bench and the pantry cabinets she placed behind the fridge.New England Design ElementsHere you can see what a pleasing view the range and glass cabinets offer from the entry Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets hall.New England Design ElementsMudroom entry: The mudroom entry connects the kitchen and the door to the garage. It provided 43 extra square feet for Alton to make the most of. She used the same wood on the bench seat that she used on the china cabinet’s countertop. “There are so many hard surfaces in a kitchen, it’s good to get some wood in there for warmth,” she says. Here’s a glimpse of dog Maggie, who was a little shy on photo shoot day.New England Design ElementsFood storage: Pantry storage is located around the corner from the ovens (left) and in pullouts to the right of the refrigerator.New England Design ElementsDining room: The dining room is now a natural extension Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets of the kitchen. A built-in bench on one side lends a more casual feel. And now that they love their first floor’s new look, the homeowners are ready for another phase of work that will make it even more cohesive. They’ve fallen in love with the bold wallpaper and agreed to continue it down this wall. Even though they hadn’t fully committed to the idea at the start of the project, Alton anticipated that they’d fall in love with the paper and ordered enough just in case. They’re also planning to follow her recommendation to add a window on this wall. Before: This is what the previous dining room looked like. Alton swapped this space Pre Built Kitchen Cabinets with the living room space to create the cohesion between the kitchen and what is now the primary eat-in area.New England Design ElementsLiving room: Since I mentioned that they swapped the living room and dining room spaces, it’s only fair to show how that worked out. This is the space shown in the previous photo."