Ready Made Cupboards

Ready Made Cupboards

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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Call it a case of hate at first sight. When Allie and Ready Made Cupboards Jeff Siarto began looking for a home in East Lansing, Michigan, the first house they looked at was a 1978 home that they quickly dismissed for its retro design, which included a wooden scalloped decorative feature over the kitchen sink that they just couldn’t get over. “It was not our style,” Allie says. "Photos by Allie Siarto & Co. Photography BEFORE: “The scallop above the sink, seen here, was a big reason we didn’t buy it in the beginning,” Allie says. AFTER: Jorgensen reoriented the kitchen to accommodate a massive Ready Made Cupboards 13-foot island that seats five people comfortably. He also doubled the storage from their previous kitchen. BEFORE: A wall to the left partially blocked natural light from entering the kitchen. Meanwhile, the flooring turned out to be what Allie calls an “archeological dig.” Hardwood covered linoleum in the kitchen, and carpet covered parquet floors in the adjacent rooms. Removing all the layers dropped the floors so much that after the new floors were installed, the doors had to have fillers added to the bottom so there wasn’t such a large gap. AFTER: Removing the wall to the left brought in more natural light. Ready Made Cupboards Argonne forest oak flooring acts as a neutral anchor for the new palette. BEFORE: A railing stuck out 3 feet into the kitchen to give the impression of separation from the family room. “The lovely railing really had no purpose,” Allie says. AFTER: Taking down the wall opened the kitchen to the rear window, bringing in more light. The 7 feet of space in the corner at the end of the island was going to be a reading area, but Allie had always wanted a breakfast nook with a booth, so after construction she took action. She brought up Ikea Stuva benches from her basement and had custom cushions made. To attach the cushions, Ready Made Cupboards she sewed a 3M Velcro-like product to the cushions, then glued the same to the benches and wall. “Those 10-inch cushions on the back make it look built in and feel more cozy,” she says. A 30-inch table completed her dream breakfast booth. Allie repurposed a record holder she found at a thrift shop as a small shelf for children’s books. Before PhotoBEFORE: In the old dining room, you can see how the living room was bumped down an inch from the poor flooring installation. AFTER: The new floors evened everything out. The texture of the wood Ready Made Cupboards coupled with a wax coating helps hide nicks and scratches. Here you can see how the dark countertops and island cabinets create contrast in the mostly white kitchen. Allie used Houzz to validate her and Jeff’s material choices while planning their remodel. “We’d wonder about a tile choice or whatever, so we would look it up on Houzz and look at examples of what others did to prove it to ourselves that it could look good,” she says. The Siartos opted for Ikea separators to help organize dishes in the Ready Made Cupboards pullout storage drawers.An undercabinet shelf keeps the microwave off the counter, lessening visual clutter. Before PhotoBEFORE: The previous floor plan shows how the kitchen, in the center, was walled off from the rest of the home. AFTER: The new floor plan illustrates the expanded and open design."