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RTA Cabinet Manufacturers

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

The kitchen in this 1940s Ottawa cottage was big enough for only one RTA Cabinet Manufacturers person to use and not suitable for the family now living there. “Before, this kitchen was about the size of a bathroom and was lackluster,” says interior designer Nathan Kyle of Astro Design Centre. Kyle began the design process by learning how the family likes to function in the kitchen when working together, then set up the layout accordingly. He took down a wall and incorporated into the kitchen a side entry hallway that had been a waste of space. He also added luxe elements that suit the family’s love of eclectic and contemporary style. Rich wood finishes and a lively backsplash provide a beautiful backdrop for a display of intricate pieces RTA Cabinet Manufacturers they brought to Canada from Iran and create a timeless look. "Photos by Doublespace Photography The cabinetry on the left conceals a panel-front refrigerator and a pantry. The homeowners enter the kitchen here with their groceries. Kyle designed this part of the layout so they could walk in, set their groceries on the counter on the right, across from the refrigerator and pantry, and put the food away. Kyle custom designed the dazzling backsplash using a bright white marble tile and ⅝-inch RTA Cabinet Manufacturers golden sandy-brown squares in a dynamic graphic pattern. “The clients have eclectic taste, and we really needed something to liven things up in here,” he says. The pattern is a reminder of home and creates a stunning backdrop for them to display favorite glassware and china pieces. They have intricate pieces from Iran to display: colorful fine china with beautiful patterns and metallic glints. Kyle added the floating shelves on the range feature wall to accommodate those things. The front of the kitchen island has deep drawers for storage, and the back side has open RTA Cabinet Manufacturers shelving and wine racks. The overhang on the wine side accommodates counter stools. The island’s legs give it the look of furniture, as do the drawers on the front and the applied molding on the legs. “The house is architecturally traditional, but the homeowners have a lot of contemporary furniture,” Kyle says. The goal was to give the room a timeless look, not one of any particular era. The eclectic mix RTA Cabinet Manufacturers continues in subtle ways. There’s a mix of Shaker and flat-front cabinets in white and rich wood finishes. Each cabinet finish has its own corresponding hardware — the wood drawers have a rusted iron-forged hardware, while the white cabinets have antiqued pewter. “We wanted to minimize the amount of stainless steel on the appliances, so we used panel fronts on the refrigerator and dishwasher,” Kyle says. BEFORE: Here is the plan from before the remodel. The original wall between the hallway and the kitchen was where the beam seen in previous photos is now. Astro Design CentreAFTER: By removing the wall, Kyle RTA Cabinet Manufacturers gained much-needed space from the hallway as well as natural light from the side door. Another part of the project was adding a new powder room (bottom left)."