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SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

"1. Look up. Vertical paneling The RTA Store— or vertical tile grout lines or wallpaper patterns — can trick the eye into seeing a far taller space than is really there. Here, long handles echo and enhance the effect. 2. Introduce a teeny table. You may not have the space for a roomy dining table, but could you squeeze in an airy perch for one or a bijou lunch location for two? Go for something round and pick table and chair designs that block the least amount of light to increase the sense of The RTA Store space.Adam Butler Photography33. Stick to three colors. A strict palette will help your little kitchen look pulled together, streamlined and well-ordered.Martins Camisuli Architects14. Break architectural conventions. It would be easy to look at this large window, with its frame almost touching the back wall, and write off the sliver of vertical space next to it. But look how much storage a little design bravery got these homeowners — and the window is none the worse for hosting the handsome shelves.Vertebrae Architecture25. Enhance with an accent. With its blurred lines, a one-hue space will certainly appear bigger, but if that leaves you yearning for color, get it The RTA Store in with a bold accent. Keep lines slim so it flashes rather than dominates. 6. Reflect beauty. Hurray for glass-fronted cupboards and their light-bouncing, space-enhancing ways! Add glossy wall tiles and you’ll double the effect.Black and Milk | Interior Design | London7. Go luxe. A luxury touch will give your small kitchen grandeur beyond its dimensions. And it doesn’t have to cost the world. This marble-looking backsplash is, in fact, porcelain tile. Add an on-trend, burnished brass tap The RTA Store to take the idea further still.Whitstable Island Interiors18. Put windows to work. No wall space for a pot-hanging rack? If you have a wooden sash window, then, with a few nails or screw-in hooks, you’ve found that missing space.Progressive Design London49. Pause before you box in. Is that a wall of dead space next to the oven or the opportunity for a nifty niche? Ditto the open shelves on the outside of the peninsula. Studio Dearborn210. Think outside the drawer. A cutlery drawer may be a luxury you can’t justify in a teeny kitchen. If so, look at other options. This clever pullout storage for utensils makes use of a slim gap between cabinets.ALLOY Solid Metal The RTA Store Tiles111. Turn on the heavy metal. Similar to glass or mirrors on a wall, metallics bounce light around and add the sort of larger-than-life glamour one might not expect in such compact surroundings.Mark Rockwood Photography512. Incorporate ends. The end of an island, a peninsula (seen here) or even a run of cabinets can be The RTA Store put to use. If there’s space inside, build in shelves for kitchen clutter (hidden in attractive baskets, of course) and recipe books. Use wall space for hooks or a rail to hang tea towels, pots, pans, utensils or even reading material. APT Renovation Limited213. Divide and conquer. In an open-plan kitchen-living space, the risk is that you’ll spend long evenings gazing at the dishes you aren’t intending to wash until morning. Hide them away with a raised wall behind your countertop. It’ll double as a backsplash too (especially good when there’s a sofa directly below on the other side).Peter Lyons Photography714. Install a slim island. No room for a The RTA Store full-size island? A butcher’s block could be the answer. It might not quite provide the breakfast bar of your dreams, but it’s a rustically stylish way to introduce some invaluable extra workspace into a compact kitchen.Susie Hammond Design315. Slide into a wall. If you have dead space on the other side of your kitchen wall, make use of it with a beautiful pullout pantry cabinet like this.Thibaut and Thewood216. Build in corner storage. An extra-wide countertop has created a useful peninsula — and allowed space for open shelves. The shallow spot The RTA Store at the end of this peninsula is just the right depth for glasses and paperbacks. 17. Love your wall space. More drawer or cabinet space isn’t always the answer. With just a half-day of DIY and a collection of rails, hooks, pots, baskets, magnets and racks, a blank wall can be transformed into a storage powerhouse. A painted pegboard is a good multifunctional alternative. 18. Pull it out. Tight on prep space? This pullout chopping board is a custom worktop solution, but you could also consider a false top drawer that slides out to reveal a board. Or, if you’re handy and resourceful, you could install a ready-made board by mounting it on drawer runners.Whitten Architects719. Frame it. Just The RTA Store as pans can be hung successfully across the middle of a window, shelves can be erected there as well. Continuing them out along a wide expanse of wall, as here, stops them from looking fragmented (and packs in even more storage).Olivier Chabaud Architecte20. Put it in a cabinet. To keep a compact kitchen-living space feeling like somewhere you can relax when the cooking’s over, a one-wall layout, tucked behind folding doors, is a winner. 21. Merge your countertop and kitchen table. A movable table could easily do the trick too, but the sleek flow of a connected surface works well. It’s another custom solution but one that really increases the The RTA Store streamlined sense of this small space.Charlie Barnett Associates222. Build in a bench. You can opt for a tailored unit such as this one. Or if your budget is tight and you like an eclectic-utilitarian look, try buffing up and trimming some old scaffolding boards and perching them across sturdy plastic crates in a color that works with your design. Add height — and softness — with stylishly covered bedroom pillows or long cushions.Ute Günther wachgeküsst INNENARCHITEKTUR+DESIGN123. Tuck in a big table. A generously proportioned kitchen table is a The RTA Store big-room luxury, right? Not necessarily. This table could have been considered too large for this under-the-eaves cook space, but because there are only chairs on the ends, there’s enough room to use the one-wall kitchen. 24. Scale down appliances. This wee New York studio apartment turns convention on its head with half-size appliances cleverly positioned. Seek out small versions of everything you’ll need, and ask your kitchen designer for advice on smart ways to fit them in.Karin Payson architecture + design325. Try a bar cart. Wine bottles cluttering up your countertop? Turn them into a feature by adding a bar cart if you have a sliver of unused The RTA Store space. Look for compact designs, and consider using the bottom part of the cart to store something different.Patch Work Architecture126. Feel free. This portable gas cylinder stove, mounted on a professional-style stainless-steel cart, is perfect for spaces that need to remain flexible. This utilitarian set-up in a New Zealand home could conveniently be wheeled out of the way to make space for a fold-out occasional dining table, for example. 27. Smooth out lines. Minimize horizontal lines to visually stretch your little kitchen vertically. If The RTA Store you’re starting from scratch, consider hiding drawers and daily clutter behind two smooth, tall, painted doors.Libby Winberg Interiors128. Go for a whiteout. When you don’t want your kitchen to dominate your open-plan space, giving it the all-white treatment will help it “vanish” into the background. Thin-plank, light-bouncing polished wooden boards running lengthwise stretch the room generally, while also adding warmth — and a dash of Scandinavian chic. Sergey Harenko29. Set it back. This slickly designed small kitchen feels spacious because of the clever placement of the cabinets. White walls and pale flooring help the base cabinets melt into the background, while the dark tiling above creates depth. Setting the tall, wood-fronted wall cabinets into the The RTA Store recess keeps them from intruding into the space. Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur330. Keep lighting low. A table lamp is always a cozy touch for a kitchen countertop, but there isn’t always space. Check out this cool alternative: a low-slung bare filament bulb over the breakfast nook. Hardoor31. Hang it all. It’s not only utensils, pans, spices and tea towels that can work with wall-hung storage. A lack of workspace is often the most noticeable thing in a small kitchen, so forget having fruit or vegetable bowls cluttering up your The RTA Store countertop. Instead, use wall-hung baskets. 32. Let it flow. When a kitchen is as closely connected to a sitting room as this one is, take as much care with the decor and accessorizing as you would in the living space. Artwork, glamorous lighting, complementary colors and flooring that flows seamlessly will all help the rooms work with, rather than against, one The RTA Store another.Egue y Seta33. Multitask. Is it a countertop or a breakfast bar? Brilliantly, it’s both. Also note the stylish overhead pendant, adding gravitas to this tiny dining spot.Create Projects34. Nab a niche. Recessed shelving — in a wall niche, as seen here — is the friend of many a small space, as it removes bulky protrusions from your limited work area. The curved end cabinet on the right also gives an impression of increased The RTA Store space, rather than chopping it up with sharp corners.Justine Hand235. Ramp up coziness. Characterful wall lamps, rather than overhead spots, create soft pools of light that ramp up the cozy feel of a small space. Choose adjustable versions so they double as task lighting. Sandra Bird Designs536. Never say never to an island. You may not have the space for a conventional island, but this tiny custom unit adds plenty of practicality to this The RTA Store compact kitchen. 37. Get around. A circular table can save space in a compact kitchen. Curved end units may also be worth considering; corners, whether on tables or countertops and cabinets, can interrupt the flow of a small room.Justin Loe Architects38. Use deception. Extend your wall storage by adding shelving to fill a non-standard-size gap at the end of a run of wall cabinets. But don’t let it create visual clutter in an already packed kitchen. 39. Carve out a cube. Even in an open-plan room smaller than this one, there’s no need to tuck your kitchen into a corner. You might gain more space by creating a stand-alone open box for it, in the center of The RTA Store your living space, as seen in this Paris space. With clever planning, it could create more storage, and become a more sociable spot.Cream & Black Interior Design440. Go round the bend. The biggest investment in this small kitchen was almost certainly the custom curved countertop, but the space created by this one design decision was surely worth it. 41. Extend an end. No room for a breakfast bar? Are you sure? A simple countertop overhang has the potential to fit in the teeniest of spaces, providing a neat eating spot for two.Harvey-White Design342. Boost your wall units. Depending on the type of range hood you have, there may be storage space — or simply dead space — above it. Here, the homeowners have added a built-in cabinet topped by open shelves for cookbooks just where you want them. The neat shelves under the cabinets on either side, for condiments, spices and mugs, are a smart The RTA Store touch too. 43. Try two-layer drawers. Deep drawers aren’t always used to their full capacity. This nifty idea — a slide-across top layer for cutlery and smaller cooking utensils — makes sure no inch goes unused. Susanna Cots44. Add drawers to your breakfast bar. Boost the purpose of an eating or coffee-drinking nook by fitting drawers beneath it. They’ll make a handy storage space for easy-to-reach cutlery, napkins, serving utensils and so on. 45. Make your furniture foldable. Only have room for a table and chairs when you’re actually using them? Folding versions are a brilliant solution. Choose them in bright colors or nice wood tones, and they’ll double up as decorative accessories if you hang them on wall hooks when not in use. 46. Pop in a pullout desk. The simplicity of this micro desk is the secret of its The RTA Store design success. It’s essentially a chunky drawer-style design, but without the front or side panels. 47. Install a breakfast bar pantry. Here’s another spot for a pullout pantry (and wine rack). This tiny dining spot packs in plenty of functionality, with seating for four, as well as the storage. Don’t forget to position a couple of electrical outlets nearby, which will help make such a space even more versatile.WEST ELEVATION ARCHITECTS INC548. Elevate glass-fronted storage. This attractive, raised-height, built-in cabinet for glasses doubles as a shield for countertop debris — meaning the chef can conceal any mess from guests The RTA Store sitting on the other side. 49. Build around. Got an awkward pipe or architectural detail right where you want to put a cabinet? Don’t let it stop you. This kitchen simply incorporates the vertical pipe against its back wall, meaning no loss of wall units, simply the loss of the small area where the pipe sticks out. Looks good too.Smallworks Studios & Laneway Housing550. Be canny with cabinets. What happens above your fridge-freezer? It’s easy to The RTA Store pile boxes, vases, once-used juicers and more on top of this kitchen appliance, but it can look messy. So why not formalize this storage spot (and tidy it up) by fitting a closed cabinet above it?"