Built in Cabinets

Built in Cabinets

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built in cabinets


Convert closet space into that piece which has been lacking from your dining area.built in cabinets

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Many eating rooms are constructed of only enough space for a table and chair, with little space remaining for a china cabinet. Here’s a solution: Place it in a closet.


Notice: This project takes several times to complete and costs about $330.


Materials and Tools:


pry bar

utility knife

keyhole saw

pneumatic nailer

finishing nails

circular saw

150-grit sandpaper

pneumatic stapler

wood glue

cabinet-grade plywood


built in cabinets

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1. Remove the closet door and any shelves. Remove any shoe molding and baseboards. Remove the door casing and doorjamb from the opening.


2. To acquire proper width, you might have to eliminate some wall to complement the width of the closet. If you’re dealing with a load-bearing wall structure, seek advice from a contractor. To increase the opening by removing the drywall from the 2-by-4 stud, cut through the drywall with a computer program knife and then pry away with a pry bar. Cut through the drywall on the inside of the wardrobe with a keyhole saw. Cut away the 2-by-4 and remove.


3. Add 2-by-4s to the rough opening privately and top with a pneumatic nailer to percentage things out. Put in a jack stud to the side that was expanded. This will finish the framing of the starting.


4. Cut plywood to size for the interior sides and back of the opening. Fine sand each piece. This is a great time to clarify your cabinet design (the amount of drawers, whether you would like drawers, etc.). Assemble the cupboard framework by using solid wood glue and a pneumatic stapler. You’re essentially building a box that will fit inside the starting to your specs. You will also add any cabinets at this time.

built in cabinets


5. Add 1-by-6 cut on each side of the opening so that there’s an overhang that will fit against the walls around the starting. Once you’ve guaranteed the trim on both edges, add an arch near the top of the cabinet. Attach 1-by-6 cut at the base of the machine. A piece of 1-by-2 on the shelves will also add a nice touch.


6. Before securing the unit to the wall, make sure it’s plumb and level. Secure with completing nails powered through the trim and into the wall studs. Then begin focusing on the cut pieces, you start with plinth blocks at the bottom.


7. Attach the molding along the edges, accompanied by rosettes and any ornamental carved molding you want to add. Patch any drywall that might be exposed. Fill toe nail holes with wood putty, and present the entire unit a light sanding. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.


8. Prime and paint the solid wood surface. Attach requirements for shelves and doors (if you have doorways). Place shelves last.built in cabinets

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