Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

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laminate kitchen cabinets


Brush up on laminate kitchen cabinets options, and become ready to add a smooth and contemporary design to your kitchen.


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If your goal is to make a sleek, modern and efficient kitchen design, you might consider laminate kitchen cabinets.


Laminate and solid wood are the two most popular materials used for kitchen cupboards, and they both offer a selection of benefits and drawbacks related to  durability, appearance and price. Generally, laminate kitchen cabinets are chosen for newer, updated kitchen designs.


As with real wood cupboards, laminate kitchen cabinets can be bought prefabricated, or you can opt for custom or semi-custom designs. Pre-fabrication is the cheapest option, semi-custom is slightly more costly, and custom laminate kitchen cabinets would be the most expensive option.


One of the great advantages of laminate kitchen cabinets is the simplicity with which they can be cleaned. All you will have to clean laminate kitchen cabinets is a water-based household cleaner and a damp sponge.


In conditions of durability, laminate places second to most wood species. If a laminate kitchen cabinets is chipped, it can be difficult to repair, sometimes requiring the full total substitute of a door or cupboard body. Also, the glue that retains the layers of laminate materials together may become loose as time passes.


But the slightly less durable character of laminate kitchen cabinets is often overlooked, because of the final factor: cost. laminate kitchen cabinets are generally considerably less expensive than hardwood cabinets, making them an attractive option for those searching for a contemporary style and operating on a budget.


laminate kitchen cabinets

Gain insight on laminate kitchen cabinets, an alternative materials to more expensive wood cabinets.


Kitchen cabinetry may take up over 30% of the average kitchen renovation budget. If you wish to keep expenses down, consider alternative options such as laminate kitchen cabinets, which typically cost significantly less than wood.


Laminate is a man made material placed on particleboard, which is constructed of compressed wood. It comes in high-pressure and low-pressure varieties. High-pressure laminate is the higher quality of both and comes under brand names such as Formica and Pionite. Laminate doorways are made by applying the synthetic materials on top of particleboard or MDF. Because of the way laminate doors are created, the seams of the root particle table (which is brown) may show, which is often considered a disadvantage to using laminate. Low-pressure laminate, such melamine, can be used on the less-expensive kitchen cupboards and is not as durable as the high-pressure variety. In addition, it will come in fewer colors, so that it is less appealing among homeowners searching for a wide selection of color options.

One of the major advantages to using laminate, apart from its low cost, is that it is a durable material that will hold up to the heavy use of the average kitchen. It generally does not warp as time passes like real wood can, and it's really resistant to fading. It also holds stain color uniformly so each cupboard will be exactly the same during your kitchen. Laminate is also available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and door styles, so that it can be utilized in both traditional and modern  depending on your specific style, flavor and kitchen areas.


Homeowners have a wide range of styles to choose from as it pertains to laminate kitchen cabinets. In general, laminate is best suited for contemporary or modern kitchen designs; however, styles that replicate more traditional cabinet designs are also available.


If you're searching for a versatile, durable and low cost alternative to real wood cabinets-in particular if you have a contemporary or modern look in mind for your kitchen-laminate kitchen cabinets can be a great choice for your kitchen design.

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