Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

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solid oak kitchen cabinets


Get great info on solid oak kitchen cabinets, and find out why this common, sturdy wood may be the right choice for your kitchen design.

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solid oak kitchen cabinets are a favorite choice for many good reasons-they're durable and affordable, oak is a widely available wood, and solid oak kitchen cabinets can be found in a wide variety of cabinet styles.

Oak is a very hard and tough wood, and its coarse, dense grain helps it be highly resistant to harm. Natural variants in the grain also imply that solid oak kitchen cabinets feature a wide selection of grain styles. Ask about these when you're browsing cabinets, and the salesperson can demonstrate the minor but distinct variations that occur normally or are caused by different sawing techniques.


If you're considering solid oak kitchen cabinets, one thing you will have to indication off on at first is the colour. Oak has a definite, pale gold color, which is relatively difficult to complement in its unfinished condition. Because of this, many homeowners who choose oak have an idea for staining or painting set up.

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