Wholesale Wood Cabinets

Wholesale Wood Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Although the 1870s Victorian house outside St. Paul, Minnesota, is on the Wholesale Wood Cabinets National Register of Historic Places, the homeowners didn’t want to live in the past. Much of the home’s interior has a modern feel, but in the kitchen, the wife wanted something different. “There was nothing about her that screamed, ‘Give me a white decorator kitchen,’” says interior designer Jacqueline Fortier. “One thing she really wanted was a kitchen that went with the house.” That meant abandoning early thoughts of a brash palette and working toward a refined take on a farmhouse kitchen design that would stand the test of time. "Kitchen at a Glance BEFORE: The nondescript kitchen before the remodel lacks visual interest and Wholesale Wood Cabinets warmth.Jacqueline Fortier DesignAFTER: “I’m not a huge fan of islands,” Fortier says, “but they do solve some functional issues, and, in this kitchen, it does. What I try to avoid is the standard wall of miles and miles of cabinetry and countertop space.” The freestanding cupboard is “an old piece we found literally down the street at an antiques store,” Fortier says. Since space was tight, it had to fit and be functional. It’s used as a pantry as well as to display serving pieces and knickknacks. At 14 inches deep, the cupboard allows free passage around Wholesale Wood Cabinets the island, and gives an aura of age and authenticity.The island’s hard metal framework gives way to an old-fashioned floral linen sink skirt sitting under the deep farmhouse sink. “I always try to sneak in a fabric curtain under the sink,” Fortier says. “In kitchens, you don’t have a lot of opportunities to add softness because you want the materials to be hard and functional and wear well.” “The legs of the island are a style setter for the overall look of the kitchen,” Wholesale Wood Cabinets Fortier says. The choice of rugged iron, elegantly curved, enabled her to add a different texture and material to the room and its clear-coated maple flooring. “Kitchens in general have too much wood in them,” she says. “Whenever I can introduce an element outside of wood, I do.” The cozy nook seems meant for dining, but it was intended as an art space for the couple’s creative daughter. “That was the first idea we decided on,” Fortier says. “The way I sold it: You have this Wholesale Wood Cabinets one daughter, she’s always doing projects, you don’t want her to do them on the island because then you have to clear them away when they aren’t finished to sit down and have a meal.” Eventually, Fortier figures, the nook will become a homework and computer station. The cabinetry wall, with its rustic tile, open plate rack and chicken-wire cupboard, comes the closest to a real farmhouse look. The symmetrical countertops next to the stove are made of different materials. On the left is butcher block for the wife’s cooking prep work, and on the right is soapstone, a cold Wholesale Wood Cabinets surface good for rolling dough, for the husband’s baking station. The kitchen’s big splurge: the island’s hand-fabricated pewter countertop. “Pewter is pretty durable; it’s been around for hundreds of years,” Fortier says. “It’s a beautiful element to add to any space because it already has that sense of age. It takes on the character of the clients — and these clients are full of character.” “A really traditional French kitchen always has blue and white tile,” Fortier says. “We automatically knew we wanted to bring that French touch into it.” The rustic terra-cotta tile, in shades Wholesale Wood Cabinets of midnight blue and charcoal black on a cream field, “fit the bill.” While the overall pattern is large, the detail work is small, so the tiles don’t overpower the subtlety of the cabinetry finish. At the same time, the tile pulls together the entire kitchen palette for a cohesive look. Another traditional touch is the open shelving above the butcher block counter, with space for a fancy tea set.The cabinetry gives the modern refrigerator, with a pair of drawer compartments, a Wholesale Wood Cabinets traditional appearance. Perhaps nothing says farmhouse more than chicken-wire cabinets. “She likes chickens,” Fortier says of the homeowner. “It was a nod to her desire to have a chicken coop, or a small nod to a country kitchen, but minimally. It’s a slight intro to a different style, but it’s not in your face.” The cabinet pulls up to open and accommodates large bowls or long platters.Jacqueline Fortier Design“Everyone comments on the Wholesale Wood Cabinets mudroom,” Fortier says. While the storage bench, coat rack and cabinetry pick up the shape and hue of the art nook, the wild encaustic tile “carpet” — “organized chaos,” as Fortier describes it — expresses the wife’s love of color and pattern."