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Cabinets Wholesale Online

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

“I help a lot of people not move,” says interior decorator Lori Cabinets Wholesale Online Steeves. Though sometimes it takes remodeling or a move to make you love your home again, at other times a decorating refresher is all you need to revive your house. “People don’t realize what they can do with the house they already have,” Steeves says. In this case, by simply refacing the kitchen’s cabinets and backsplash and pulling a color palette from an existing stone fireplace, Steeves answered her clients’ call for a bright kitchen and a cohesive layout without tearing out a single wall. "BEFORE: Marion Cabinets Wholesale Online and Barrie Reeves had built the home they saw themselves spending the rest of their lives in on the water near Vancouver. A close-knit extended family meant this house would be the site of family gatherings for years to come. And while they were happy with most of their decorating decisions, the most prominent family rooms — kitchen, dining room and living room — never felt quite right. The kitchen was too dark, the living room wasn’t intimate enough, and the dining room couldn’t accommodate Sunday family Cabinets Wholesale Online dinners for 14 or more. They discovered Steeves on Houzz and hired her to fix these issues in a cohesive way that would give them the home they’d never want to leave. Marion and Barrie own a building supply store in British Columbia and had overseen the construction of previous homes. Marion had hired a colorist before, but never an interior designer or a decorator. ”I thought I could do it,” she says, but she soon realized she was in over her Cabinets Wholesale Online head. “She was at a standstill and didn’t know where to go,” says Steeves. Marion’s daughter suggested she browse Houzz for ideas, and Marion found inspiring kitchen photos — as well as her interior decorator. AFTER: Steeves suggested that Marion reface the 30 linear feet of perimeter cabinets and 10 linear feet of cabinetry in the dining room and leave the island as is. “At first Cabinets Wholesale Online she wanted to reface everything,” says Steeves. But after seeing examples of similar cabinet combinations on Houzz, they decided that the dark island would add more depth to the kitchen and save money for other project priorities. “Budgetary considerations always come into play,” says Steeves. And by not refacing the entire kitchen, they were able to save enough to design and build a custom dining table. Simply Home Decorating4They kept the existing granite counters but replaced the green glass subway tile backsplash. The backsplash had been a nod to the coast, but like the wood Cabinets Wholesale Online, it felt off in this space. “The color didn’t tie in with anything at all,” says Steeves. She matched the backsplash color with the new cream-colored cabinets for a bright, streamlined kitchen. Steeves discovered these custom tiles by Edgewater Studio at a convention in Toronto and knew they were the only tiles for this kitchen. “I saw the right thing at the right time,” she says. Simply Home Decorating2The dining area was another big priority for Marion, who hosts weekly family dinners for 14 people, including six grandchildren. As part of her early-stage design process, Steeves created a Cabinets Wholesale Online color scheme to tie the rooms of the project together, based on the preferences and inspirations of the homeowners. At first she was stumped by this house, but then she discovered last-minute inspiration. “Just as I was getting ready to wrap up, I asked her about the fireplace stone,” says Steeves. BEFORE: Steeves took this photo of the existing living room for her records. With the blinds drawn, it’s easy to see the potential of this spacious room, but it felt incomplete; the single sofa and two recliners floated in the nearly 500-square-foot living room. “They didn’t have enough furniture,” she says. What furniture there was didn’t relate to the kitchen and dining areas. Simply Home Decorating5AFTER: She added two more chairs and drum coffee tables, creating a cozy U-shaped sitting area. Steeves Cabinets Wholesale Online also added a 12-by-14 rug and pulled all the furniture onto the rug to make the space more intimate and to keep the large windows free. Soft fabrics warm up the space and complement the color scheme, while the rug defines the furniture area. Between these two redecorated spaces, the entry connects the living room with the kitchen and welcomes guests into the home. The console table and poufs were existing when Steeves was hired, but she removed a colorful nature painting from the wall. “The stone didn’t look its best, and neither did the painting,” she says. Simply Home Decorating4AFTER: The fireplace wall sits at an angle and blocks the kitchen and living room from view when visitors enter. ”I wanted to create curiosity when Cabinets Wholesale Online you walk in the door,” says Steeves. She hung a parabolic mirror where the nature painting had been, providing guests with a glimpse into the kitchen and living room from the entry, drawing them into the home."