Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices

Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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This bold approach to a modern farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices was just the lifestyle change a Washington, D.C.-area, couple needed after living for 10 years in their 1,400-square-foot, two-story home with its snug 7½- by 11-foot kitchen. With their twin boy and girl hitting preteen years, they were eager for a generous space that would bring the family together to cook, eat, do homework, relax and enjoy one another’s company. Doubling the original house with a 1,400-square-foot, two-story addition afforded designer Katharine Otis an ample 630-square-foot ground-floor area to create a Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices spacious 400-square-foot kitchen with an expansive counter island, a dining banquette and an adjoining family room. “We spend most of our time in the kitchen-family room, just like you predicted!” homeowner Jennie Rosecan wrote to Otis. And the original 84-square-foot kitchen? It’s now the powder room. "Kitchen at a Glance The old kitchen “was not functional at all,” Otis says. “It had barely any counter space, no storage, not even a dishwasher.” The new kitchen has ample counter space, and Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices storage not only in undercounter and end cabinetry but in a large traditional pantry cupboard across from the island. The island has a series of storage drawers on the cook’s side and open shelving on the counter side that accommodates books and a charging station for the computers. Matt, an avid cook, requested the induction cooktop. The oven is installed in the 10¾- by 4-foot island, which is topped by another one of Otis’ ingenious style combinations: Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices a white quartz cooking counter bounded by a 3-inch-thick counter of reclaimed white oak from a West Virginia barn. Three planks of the wood were planed and glued together for strength and thickness, and then whitewashed and treated to be stain resistant. The wood counter can be used as a cutting board without being the worse for wear. Legs support and extend the oak countertop. Otis set the stove vent in a floating soffit that sits a foot lower Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices than the room’s 9-foot-high ceiling to define the island and make it a more intimate space. She chose a flush-mounted rather than an articulated hood. “Because we were doing pendants, it would have made the space too busy,” Otis says. “And obviously, the tile backsplash is the feature, and it would have blocked a lot of that.”The glass doors lead to the old family room, which is now a home office and sitting room for Jennie. The addition is off the back of the house, and the Rosecans wanted to nod to the original structure. Otis accomplished the task by leaving exposed portions of the original whitewashed brick as a decorative element along the back wall.The close proximity of neighbors in Arlington prompted Otis to Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices bump up the height of the ceiling at the far end of the kitchen and the dining area to 12 feet, and add clerestory windows that bring in light while maintaining privacy. The roomy refrigeration setup is two separate units, one a refrigerator and one a freezer. Traditional cabinetry with seed glass, open shelving and stacks of narrow drawers comes face to face with the boldly modern tile, white quartz countertop and drop-in microwave drawer. To achieve the wall’s bold look, Otis went with custom concrete tile, upping the scale to 10 by 10 inches. She and the Rosecans chose the color palette: blue-gray to coordinate Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices with the cabinetry, pale gray to pick up the wall color and, at the clients’ request, golden yellow. “They wanted yellow to brighten up the space,” she says, and the color is repeated in the counter seating. The subtle X pattern of the intersecting white squares echoes the island’s barn-gate legs. The Rosecans did not want formal seating for their dining area, so Otis opted for a 10- by 5-foot built-in banquette. “I made it a cozy nook,” Otis says, “not to just eat.” A good deal of the coziness comes from the seat fabric, an indoor-outdoor Holly Hunt chenille style with an Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices exceptionally soft feel. The neutral tone ensures “it doesn’t feel heavy, because the color is matched to the cabinetry,” Otis says. Natural light comes through the high clerestory windows, but the nook is defined by the imposing 30-inch-diameter lampshade light fixture that is 31½ inches high. Otis used indoor-outdoor fabric on the seating for its durability and stain resistance. “Typically people think that solution-dyed acrylic means that rough-textured outdoor fabric,” Otis says. “But there are a lot of options now that have the luxurious feel of interior upholstery.” Along with the generous kitchen, the addition provided space for a Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices much-needed open family room and entertainment area — just what the family of four ordered. The addition has been transformative, Jennie says. “We rarely had parties before, because there was no space,” she wrote to Otis. “Now we cook, eat meals, do homework, spread out science projects on the big table, play board games, hosted parties for the Super Bowl and a baptism reception. Before, Matt was the only one who cooked. Now I am learning to cook, because I love the kitchen so much. Ava and Will are Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale Prices cooking, too. We play music while we all cook, and then we eat together as a family. It is awesome.”"