Low Price Cabinets

Low Price Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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Usually in 3-5 days after shipped you can receive your cabinets, if any damaged we will replacement to you and free shipping.

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Achieving the look of a sleek, airy Low Price Cabinets doesn’t always mean a ton of construction — just ask Sheila Lincoln. Rather than installing an addition or expanding into another room, she chose to work within the footprint of her kitchen when she had it remodeled last fall. "Photos by Sheila Lincoln AFTER: But the chief goal of the project was to get rid of the original darkly stained pine cabinets and Formica countertops, and finally create a modern, brighter Low Price Cabinets that would be a pleasure to cook and entertain in. BEFORE: After stripping the room to the studs, the builders put more insulation in the walls. The plumbing and electricity were left mainly untouched, except for the addition of undercounter lighting and multiple power strips for using small appliances such as her microwave, mixer and toaster.Lincoln’s husband, who died recently, built the red-brick nook that separates the Low Price Cabinets from the family room. It’s referred to as the “mixing bar” and is used for making cocktails and serving buffets. He also made the island that matches the original cabinets. “They are very special to me,” she says. “I had to keep them.” The two chairs at the island complement Lincoln’s dining room set, all of which were bought at a store selling unfinished furniture and were stained medium brown. Lincoln had a specific idea of the hardware she wanted and was able to find it online. The contractors were able to add a tiny cabinet that holds bills and recipes in a sliver of space Low Price Cabinets between the mixing bar and a cabinet. The extra bit of counter space also worked well for Lincoln’s small flat-screen TV. BEFORE: Lincoln had a tight budget, and removing the old plaster-like swirls from the ceiling would have proven too costly.AFTER: Instead, the contractor came up with the idea to cover the swirls with wood painted white. The old kitchen contained hardly any storage. The contractors were able to carve a small space (shown here during construction) into the wall behind the stairwell that leads to the basement for a pantry closet.AFTER: Now, Lincoln is thrilled to have a place to house her Low Price Cabinets casserole dishes, cooking utensils and plastic storage containers." "Kitchen at a Glance Before. Brown loves to cook, but the U-shaped layout and dark finishes felt cramped and uninviting. “My husband and I ate out all the time because I just didn’t enjoy being there,” she says.Trademark Renovations Ltd.After. The first step was getting rid of the cramped U layout. Low Price Cabinets Since the home had a separate dining room, the Browns felt they could take out the eat-in area that abutted the work zone in the original kitchen. With the U gone, they expanded the kitchen into the adjacent space (formerly the eat-in area) with a 7½-foot-long island.Trademark Renovations Ltd.Island. The island features only drawers, rather than cabinets with doors, as the homeowners prefer them for easy access to what’s stored inside. “Each drawer holds 200 pounds,” West says. The drawers that face the stove hold pots and pans, as well as dishes, glasses and utensils. Jessica chose this arrangement since these drawers are Low Price Cabinets closest to the dishwasher (see next photo). Also, Jessica stands in front of this end of the island when prepping dinner, so it’s helpful to have access to these tools. Floor. The flooring is large-format (12-by-24-inch) tile in various grays. It was a good choice for the couple since they have pets with nails that could scratch hardwood. Opposite the windows, the new kitchen features a cabinetry Low Price Cabinets wall that functions as the Browns’ pantry. Backsplash. While Jessica loves all-white kitchens, Giles does not. The couple chose blue glass tile to bring some color to the wall behind the range hood. Jessica chose white grout, which makes the tile’s herringbone layout stand out. (Painting the island Low Price Cabinets gray also helped to suit Giles’ taste.) Cabinet maker: HP Woodwork"