Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online

Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

The most remarkable thing about this Indiana kitchen is what you don’t see. Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online The serene and subtle exterior of the elegant bamboo cabinetry masks an explosion of colors and shapes inside, the teeming life of an energetic kitchen. Interior designer Susan Brook’s clients are a couple with children who, she says, are “passionate about cooking, coffee, entertaining” and cooking together as a family — particularly on the weekend. In the original, somewhat chopped-up kitchen space, “the counters were full; they were spilling over,” Brook says. This family’s goal was to create a family- and guest-friendly space that was organized “to the last inch,” she says. “So much so, that Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online when the kitchen was installed, the homeowners knew where everything was going to be placed.” "Kitchen at a Glance “If a kitchen isn’t functional, then it’s not a good kitchen,” Brook says, adding that it’s the “depth of details” that makes the difference. “Every single drawer — we knew what was going in them before the kitchen was installed,” she says. After cataloguing all her clients’ Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online goods, Brook began organizing, creating specialized stations within the space, such as a “coffee and cocktail corner” and areas set up for food and breakfast prep. What appear to be three-drawer base cabinets on either side of the stove are, in reality, shallow top drawers and panel doors below that open to reveal pullout shelving conveniently holding the pots and pans.Susan Brook Interiors2In the picture at left, the shallow drawer Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online next to the stove contains cooking tools, beautifully organized with a wood inset storage system whose “cubbies” can be expanded or contracted as needed simply by moving the vertical wood dividers into precut grooves. The upper cabinets surrounding the hood, with additional rack storage in the doors, hold the items a cook needs to have at hand while cooking: oils, vinegars, Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online condiments, sauces, spices.Susan Brook Interiors1Susan Brook Interiors1The three-drawer facades might appear uniform, but Brook was able to incorporate a variety of storage elements behind them. Seen above, she used real and simulated drawers that have front-panel doors in the baking area, in one instance to accommodate the height of the stand mixer. Brook likes to take advantage of a refrigerator’s 28-inch depth Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online to create a storage space for baking trays and large serving platters, seen at left. More storage is available above the microwave, and an appliance garage housing the family’s Vitamix blender is tucked below in the breakfast prep area.Susan Brook Interiors3Above, the walnut counter, while visually blending almost seamlessly with the island’s ColorQuartz prep counter, demarcates the guest Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online area from the cook’s space. Brook was sensitive to the fact that the homeowners like to have guests in the kitchen but that serious cooking would be going on, requiring some measure of separation. Susan Brook Interiors1The homeowners are devoted coffee drinkers, so an organized coffee bar area with an espresso cup drawer and a coffee grounds waste disposal was essential. The “floating” shelf system, Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online also in bamboo, is meant to be a deliberate break with the kitchen’s strong linear look. “It needed to have a strength in design,” Brook says, “so when you walked into the kitchen, you had that grabbing your attention.” To the left of the coffee bar, guests can help themselves to glasses from the glass-front upper cabinets, then browse through the drink drawers for water, soda, beer and liquor. Cold drinks are found in the undercounter refrigerator Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online just around the corner.Susan Brook Interiors1Susan Brook Interiors2The island is the prep station, housing (among other things) a sink, rollout trash can, cutting boards and a dedicated knife drawer, seen above. “I try to live in that kitchen before it’s built — where do I want to reach for my cutting board and knives? Where is my trash bin?” Brook says. “We knew we needed a big run of pantry space,” Brook says. The pantry, with its nine drawers and 12 shelves, houses the dry goods and less frequently used appliances and Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online gadgets, with illuminated display space at the top to lighten the look. Brook kept the depth shallow, 12 to 15 inches, to prevent things from getting lost in the space.Susan Brook Interiors3Brook stole space from the adjoining family room to create a combined charging station, message center and cookbook library, as well as a tall broom closet, all fashioned from the same bamboo.Susan Brook Interiors1With Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online more than 30 drawers and shelving units, everything indeed now has its place, and there is more than enough space for everything. “The question from the homeowners was always, “Do we have enough storage?” Brook says. “On my final visit, I did spot empty drawers, so that is a Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online good sign.”Susan Brook Interiors1The palette and materials could have gone dark and muddy without Brook’s installation of a rectangular light well, punctuated by skylights set into the hip roof. The light well echoes the shape of the island and softly illuminates the central space, adding air and space and a good deal of drama. Track lighting adds to the task wattage, and pendants add subtle style. BEFORE: The original kitchen was “chopped in space, Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online and not very well lit with either natural or artificial light,” Brook says. Once she and the homeowners had their plan in place, she took the kitchen down to the studs, opened up the ceiling with the rectangular light well and track lighting, added the sizable central island and created the desk and broom closet using space from the family room. The kitchen size expanded from 220 square feet (20.4 square meters) to 344 square feet (31.9 square meters). “From floor to ceiling, wall to wall,” Brook says, “Purchase Kitchen Cabinets online everything was put back new.”"