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Shaker Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished kitchen cabinets ,Solid Wood Doors & Plywood Boxes,Soft Closing Hardware. FACTORY DIRECT 10'x10' Kitchens only $1400.

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To see more cabinets styles & price. Buy Kitchen Cabients Now

How many empty cabinets do you have in your home? If you’re like me, you don’t have a Shaker Cabinets square inch to spare. A well-designed bank of cabinetry organizes and conceals the everyday clutter of life, helps us live more efficiently and is an aesthetically pleasing element integral to the architecture of a home.Let’s look at three distinctly different approaches to integrating cabinetry into a home. "1. The Thick Wall The lightness at the entry gives way to the solid anchoring wall of cabinetry at the living space. The thick wall connects the spaces of the home and explains clearly the priorities of each space. Plus, the cabinetry wall supports the design objective to defer to the monumental tree and view outside.StudioLABThe thick Shaker Cabinets wall here is only understood as being thick because the zone has been cut away and function has been inserted. Architects create service zones in floor plans to establish order. Here the thick wall zone does many things: It serves as seating in the dining area, as a storage area between dining and living spaces and as a media center in the living room. Perhaps best of all, a thick wall offers opportunities for the rapid transformation Shaker Cabinets of spaces from nondescript to highly specific. Indications that this wall acts as more than just a simple storage area are there — the steel walkway, the hoist, the ladder — but it’s unclear as to exactly the function that’s being disguised.Radius Architectural Millwork Ltd.Seen here fully revealed, the wall gives way to two Murphy beds and an entertainment unit. Despite the regularity on the front face, each functional priority has been designed carefully — integrated headboards, drawers, flip-back doors (that don’t conflict with raising the beds) and closets. Grouping storage together and overlaying an ordered grid of door openings, as in this Shaker Cabinets example, achieves an understated simplicity. This not only looks well thought out, but it’s also a budget-conscious solution to storage. By selecting a single cabinet module and putting it to work everywhere, you simplify not only the design and appearance but the ordering, installation and hardware selection. It goes without saying just how much we architects and designers love ordered Shaker Cabinets systems.Specht Architects2. Cabinetry as Architecture One can see from this vantage point just how cleverly the architect has concealed an enviable amount of storage beneath this stair. The stair stringers, the sloping wood framing supporting the stair, are set back from the face of the cabinet doors. This allows the cabinet doors to follow Shaker Cabinets the rectangular sawtoothed profile of the treads and risers and not the angular underside of the stringer. When the doors are closed, they form an understated patchwork on the face of the wall and complement the architecture of the room.Baldridge ArchitectsThis wall of cabinetry makes an implied connection between Shaker Cabinets the main level and the mezzanine level because the same material was used on both levels. Even though the walkway separates the two visually, the implied connection remains strong. This bank of cabinetry acts as a warm-toned paneled wall defining a corridor. The Shaker Cabinets wall’s panels conceal door openings and access to other rooms. It’s a commanding organizing element and allows for a hidden passageway — behind the secret door — to become a reality. Streeter & Associates, Inc.3. The Divider This wall of cabinetry acts as the central organizing element in this renovated loft. It Shaker Cabinets organizes the public and private areas of the plan, and it also has a massive amount of function in its subtly curving form.Ann Marie Baranowski Architect PLLCWhen open, the various-size doors reveal many functions. Note the desk areas with folding doors. The design was inspired by a tribal dancing dress, whose irregular geometric patterns are abstracted in the complex series of door openings on the wall surface. Walls Shaker Cabinets of cabinetry that transform in this manner are infinitely changeable and, as seen here, can influence the formality of the space in dramatic ways.Quezada ArchitectureObjects don’t have to consume the entire floor-to-ceiling volume of space to be powerful organizing devices. The cherry cabinet on the left wall is Shaker Cabinets a contrasting singular design move against the white wall. Acting as a floating counter and display area, it also conceals a large amount of storage. The broad, linear horizontal proportion hovering above the floor is a commanding gesture. Its object-like nature is reinforced by the clean surfaces, free of Shaker Cabinets ornament and hardware. The architects have used touch latches to maintain a face free of distractions — a great technique when using the cabinetry as divider object concept.Jordan Parnass Digital ArchitectureWe often think of furniture as freestanding and object-like. Built-in cabinetry, too, can mimic the Shaker Cabinets lighter properties of furniture. In this way it can be richly functional and efficient in a small space, not overwhelming it but supplementing the functional priorities."